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a5c7b9f00b Baloo the Bear from the Jungle Book is cast as a 1930's Pacific Islands bush pilot.
"Talespin" is a spin-off of the animated movie The Jungle Book. The cartoon series features most of the recognized characters from the movie, but many more are added. Baloo is now a struggling, out of work pilot. That is, until he finds work at a delivery agency headed by Rebecca Cunningham. Kit Cloudkicker is Baloo's young assistant and Wildcat is the mechanic. Louie runs a restaurant on an island.
Disney&#39;s Tale Spin (1990-1991): Starring Ed Gilbert, R. J. Williams, Sally Struthers, Janna Michaels, Pat Fraley, Tony Jay, Charles Adler, Rob Paulsen, Frank Welker…Director Robert Taylor, Writer Duane Capizzi and Michael Edens.<br/><br/>Starting with the 1987-1989 cartoon series &quot;Duck Tales&quot; based on the life of Donald Duck&#39;s nephews and the new character billionaire Scrooge McDuck, Disney launched several cartoon series on TV which later went to cable. Now long forgotten, they included Dark Wing Duck and this one, Tale Spin. It was a spin-off of Disney&#39;s Jungle Book with a modern twist. Baloo the Bear (voiced by Ed Gilbert) is now a cargo pilot who works for Higher For Hire, owned by the professional and no non-sense Rebecca Cunningham (Sally Struthers)who has a daughter Molly (Jenna Michaels). Baloos&#39; assistant was the young and resourceful Kit Cloud-Kicker (R.J. Williams). Becauses this show was so long ago (I was still in grade school) I don&#39;t recall much. I didn&#39;t own cable but I am aware that these cartoons continued to air on the Disney Channel even after their cancellation from regular TV. The Jungle Book characters come back in a creative way. Shere Khan, the Tiger villain from the original film, is now a greedy, power-hungry Corporate President of Khan Industries. He is ruthless and of course, out to get Baloo the Bear. Another villain was Carnage. This show was full of heart and full of great comedy and adventure. It harkened back to World War II adventure films, it had an Indiana Jones thing going on too. The chemistry between Baloo and Rebecca was enjoyable as they often clashed in an Audrey Hepburn and Spencer Tracey sort of way. Molly was cute but not very bright, though she too was able to save the day. Disney was always fair to all his characters! Kit was an ex-bad boy who is now using his street-smarts to help preserve Rebecca&#39;s business and to assist Baloo. They had a big Spruce Goose type of plane I don&#39;t recall what it was called. Kit flew on a mechanical disc-shaped thing which enabled him to surf the skies. I recall how everyone thought that was cool. The episodes were well-written. The episode in which Rebecca falls for a ghost was a sort of well-made parody of &quot;Ghost&quot; with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. This show will always be fondly remembered. I wish it was available on DVD!!!
Since it has been some years since I reviewed this classic I have decided to go back and review it more in dept, but first some insider notes from a movie critic.<br/><br/>This animated series is one of those that I grew up with, it made my childhood joyful, it made it awesome, miss some of this stuff today that we clearly don&#39;t see as much as we did back in the days, well on to the review…<br/><br/>Talespin, or Luftens Helte which it is called in Denmark is a great animated series, it is much like chip and dale, ducktales and a lot of those old ones, so it has that weird feeling surrounding it, i cannot remember this series as much as I would like to remember it.<br/><br/>But in my opinion it was very great, it came with some kind of message, not that wild of a message, however it is one of the old ones so that can be forgiven.<br/><br/>Now i don&#39;t want to sound old or anything but i feel like time slipped out of my hands with these cartoons, today we see something like Ed Edd and Eddy or anything else weird like that, we have all these new or nearly new shows like Hannah Montana or something like that, yet I feel like that we don&#39;t have the same spirit in cartoons or real shows like we did in the early days.<br/><br/>Now maybe i am wrong but i feel like time has changed to much, to conclude i would be thrilled to see these series like Talespin being released again to the TV screen instead of all the new ones, give me back my childhood cartoons, give them to the kids i have some day, give them again…

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